Unlimited Grace Mindfulness & Meditation Series

Meditation and Mindfulness is  an induced relaxation that focuses awareness on breathing and encourages positive attitude to achieve a healthy, balanced mental state. Mindful meditation is advocated for reducing reactions to stress by inducing the relaxation response, lowering the heart rate, 

anxiety, and encouraging positive thought patterns and attitudes. Practitioners of 

mindfulness meditation aim to cultivate self-awareness and a nonjudgmental, loving, kind and compassionate feeling towards themselves and others.  

With this series, Learn how to blend Mind, Body and Spirit though Laughter, Movement, Breath and become Gracefully Mindful. 

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Unlimited Grace Essential Oils Multi-Purpose Spray Set

Meditating next to any aroma with the right blends helps focus the inner self. Inhaling the oils while focusing on breathing, which is the essence of meditation, helps bring clarity, a sense of calm and inner peace.

Introducing Unlimited Grace Essential Oils Multi-Purpose Sprays.. You can meditate, spray on garments and/or use as an aid to sleep. 

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Essential Oils Sprays:

* Protection

* Peace 

* Grace - Signature Scent

* Clarity 

* Sweet Rest

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